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Who would be my Insurance Company?

We have different health insurance options depending on the needs of you and your family. They are highly rated by AM Best and have a long record of excellent customer service.

Why are these programs so much cheaper than options on Healthcare.gov?

The health insurance companies we work with offer a few plans depending on your location.. The major difference in these plans and ObamaCare are that they are underwritten based on your health, not your financial situation. So if you are healthy upon time of signing up, we can help save you money.

Can I qualify medically for this program?

The underwriting guidelines are very lenient. If you do not have a major illness or facing major surgery you will probably qualify.

Will I have to take a physical or submit medical records?

No. We simply ask you a few medical questions and submit them to the company. For your protection, the company will verify your answers are correct. That is it.

What if ObamaCare is repealed and the whole system changes?

We try not to get political, but Washington isn’t making it easy. Luckily, our preferred health insurance companies have been running the same program for almost 30 years; before, during, and presumably after ObamaCare or whatever is next.

Why are your premiums lower?

First, we only insure people who are reasonably healthy. Second, we only write coverages that you want and need. Example: Does a 50 year old married couple really need to pay for maternity coverage? Do you need coverage for drug rehab, etc.?

What happens if I get sick?

Our program is guaranteed renewable and we cannot single you out for a rate increase regardless of health problems.

Do I have to pay money upfront?

No, you will not be charged anything until you have been approved for coverage. Additionally, you have 10 days to review your policy. If the policy is returned, your premium will be refunded.

Will this process take a lot of my time?

No, a short 5-10 minute phone interview is all that will be required. We will schedule your interview at your convenience. We work early and late.

Where can I use my coverage?

You may go to any doctor or hospital; however, if you stay within the First Health Network, you will receive large discounts on your medical bill. Note: Our carriers’ networks are among the largest networks.

If you want to see if your doctor of medical facility is part of the network click here. Go to ‘Find a Provider’.

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